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Ali greets Turkish opposition for uncovering Erdoğan's lies

Abdelrehim Aly


Egyptian member of parliament and the Director of the Center for Middle East Studies in Paris, Abdel Rahim Ali, greeted today the Turkish opposition.

Ali's gesture came a short time after social media activists shared a video, containing a videograph, in which members of the opposition in Turkey uncover the contradictory nature of remarks made recently by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan about Jerusalem and the Palestinian issue in general.

The Turkish opposition accused Erdoğan of using the Palestinian issue only to make internal political gains.

"The videograph reveals the schizophrenic nature of Erdoğan's thinking and his use of the Palestinian cause to make internal political gains," Ali said in a statement.

He said the Turkish president addresses the Western world in a language that is different from the language he uses in addressing the members of the Turkish public.

"Erdoğan also uses a third language in addressing Muslims around the world," Ali said.

The Turkish opposition refers in the videograph to Erdoğan's allusion that Jerusalem is a "redline" for Muslims around the world.

Nevertheless, a few hours earlier, the Israeli embassy in Istanbul declared the arrival of a plane of the Israeli national carrier, El Al, in the Turkish capital to transfer medical supplies to the United States, the Turkish opposition says in the videograph.

The embassy said this was the first Israeli cargo plane to touch down at Istanbul International Airport in ten years.

This move will contribute to increasing trade exchange between Israel and Turkey, the embassy said.

"The video throws light on the contradictory nature of Erdoğan's remarks on Jerusalem," Ali said.

He added that the Turkish president masquerades as a defender of the Palestinian cause, while at the same time working to increase trade exchange between his country and Israel.

"Is there enough room in the world for all this lying?" Ali asked.

Describing Erdoğan as a "fanatic sultan", Ali said the Turkish president uses the same twisted manner of the Muslim Brotherhood to make gains at the expense of the Palestinian cause.

The Turkish opposition, he added, had succeeded in uncovering the lies of this dictator to the whole world and the Turkish public opinion.

"This is increasing anger among the members of the Turkish public," Ali said. "Turkish citizens are growing more frustrated with Erdoğan's policies."