From the archive of Abdelrahim Ali

Ali throws light on Brotherhood's lies

Abdelrehim Aly

Member of Parliament and the Director of the Center for Middle East Studies in Paris (CEMO), Abdel Rahim Ali, has revealed that he had notified French politician Marine Le Pen about what he described as French media figures bankrolled by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood movement.

He added in an interview with famous Egyptian anchor, Lamis al-Hadidi, on al-Hadath channel on Monday that some people move the rumors machine against Egypt in other countries.

On top of those people, Ali said, is Muslim Brotherhood leader Ibrahim Muneer who lives in London.

He added that the Muslim Brotherhood pays a large number of French journalists to write negative stuff about Egypt.

Ali said he handed the French parliament a large number of documents in this regard. He added that outstanding French author, Nicolas Beau, wrote the book "Qatar: The Small Villain" five years ago.

"Nonetheless, the same author never stops singing Doha's praises now," Ali said.

He said Beau had founded an office and a website and turned to a man deep in love with Qatar, trying to portray it as the country that has solutions to all the problems of Europe.

International conferences

Ali revealed that he would attend a conference on security and politics in Europe between February 15 and 17. This is an annual conference, he said, about the issues of security and politics in the European continent.

Ali underscored the importance of the role the media can play in warning the public about the evils of the Muslim Brotherhood movement. He called for producing a number of films about army and police officers. Ali also called for addressing the outside world with a language it can understand.

The Muslim Brotherhood outside Egypt

Ali said the Brotherhood works hard to divert people's attention from what happens outside Egypt. He added that the terrorist group keeps propagating rumors about Egypt, including by spreading false news about enforced disappearances and addresses foreign parliaments and international organizations about them.

This is about time, Ali said, we started moving to fight terrorism outside our country.

"The real battle is outside Egypt, not inside it," Ali said.

He said the Brotherhood keeps propagating news about the death of Mustafa Qassem, not because he was an American citizen, but because he died inside an Egyptian jail.


Ali revealed that Qassem participated in the dispersal of the Rabaa al-Adawiya sit-in.

He said Qassem tried to obtain an American passport, but failed in doing this. He noted that Muslim Brotherhood inmates had advised Qassem to start a hunger strike inside the prison.

"They little cared that he was diabetic," Ali said. "This caused him to die."


Ali said he challenged everybody during a seminar in Paris to prove that there were detainees in Egypt.

He said all those present inside the jails in Egypt were not detainees.

"They went to jail in the light of correct criminal procedures," Ali said.

He challenged rights groups to mention the name of one detainee inside Egyptian jails or prove the presence of detainees inside the jails.

"The Brotherhood proves every day that it is a bunch of liars," Ali said. "The people it claimed had disappeared in Egypt turned out to have joined terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq."