Saturday 30 September 2023

From the archive of Abdelrahim Ali

The president, the nobles and the information agencies

Abdelrehim Aly

First, I send prayers upon the Arab Prophet, a prophet who hated only the smell of traitors.

I open the book of Egypt and read the story in Arabic and what happened in it on June 30.

Who was destined and could not achieve the banner of Egypt, the dream of the invaders that ran for centuries and years?

Egypt still lives and is still remorseful, and her determination is bitter... her patience with the invaders.

Wake up and rise above, you who is ungrateful of the blessings of the homeland and throws your bad hooks in the seas of others!

I am writing today, after fifteen days of the fabricated crisis in which some tried to divert us from our main battle against the terrorist organization and its supporters at home and abroad. I write with joy after hearing President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s speech before the Supreme Committee for Combating Corruption, in which he stressed that the first way to fight corruption is to choose “the competent” and “the wise and noble” from the people of this country in positions of responsibility in the new Egypt, and added that the various information agencies must search for these alert people and present them to the various state institutions for their assistance in building their country. He stressed that Egypt will only be built by the alert and loyal of its sons.

The president was scheduled to speak from a pre-written speech, but he threw it aside and spoke, as he said, according to his own thoughts at that moment. Sisi's message was strong and clear, regarding the need for the cooperation of the various security services in exchanging information, considering this cooperation the only way to achieve superiority over terrorism and those behind it. The president was aware of the magnitude of the danger threatening the country at this time, and he was decisive and also strong in responding to it, when he clearly affirmed that Egypt will win against everyone.

The president also stressed the need to respect judicial rulings and not to comment on them, adding that if we do not respect our institutions, no one will respect us. But he admitted at the same time that we have laws that must be amended, although that is never a justification for criticizing judicial institutions. He sent a message to the judiciary, telling them to free the country from corruption, and no one would interfere in their affairs.

The president challenged any official in the state or any supervisory body to raise the phone and direct it to the right or left, and demanded that everyone follow his example.

Egypt would not be “the mother of the world” except by choosing the nobles in each location, the president emphasized, but he indicated that we do not have a mechanism to discover the talents to push them to leadership positions, so he called on the government to find this mechanism and activate it with the help of the regulatory authorities and information agencies.

This speech made millions of young people happy, who were on the verge of losing the meaning of belonging to the homeland. President Sisi restored hope to millions of our intelligent, noble and brave sons. He restored to them their hope of achieving fulfillment and contributing to building their country.

Hope remains on the relevant state agencies, which the president addressed and stressed in the speech, to play their role and to witness these revelations from the nobles and distinguished in the near future.