From the archive of Abdelrahim Ali

Abdel-Rehim Ali says received death threats following dark leaks

Abdelrehim Aly

I truly expected that when I manage to exclusively broadcast secret tapes and recordings through my “Black Box” program that controversy would spread across Egypt, and that threats and rumors would come flying in my way, however, I did not hesitate as I tribute myself for this kind of work.

So, I prepared for the worse, starting when we confronted the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and all its allies during their days of glory, to the point of going to the attorney general, Talaat Abdullah, to submit a report accusing the ousted president Mohamed Morsi of spying,

On December 7, 2012, only five months had passed since Morsi sat on the presidential chair. By the way, we submitted that report based on a leak we received, a document stating that the State Security had written a report accusing Morsi of espionage.

As for the leaks and recordings, some started pointing out at the legality of those recordings, although I am not responsible for that legality as I did not record them of course, but I would like to clarify certain points.

- These broadcast recordings, to date, were made between January and May 2011.

- There was no state, police, or prosecution in Egypt during these days. All police stations and prosecution offices were burned and stormed.

- At that time, you remember that in Tahrir Square there was a foreign intelligence apparatus working against Egypt, which was monitored in many details.

For all of the above, there were men who tried not to just skip on what was happening without registering it, so that it would be a document for Egypt and the Egyptians. Those who erred in the right of this honest country will be held responsible and punished.

I said that when I obtained these recordings, I informed the Supreme State Security Prosecution, because I knew that there was a case being investigated with No. 250 of 2011 Supreme State Security. Those recordings were located as evidence of accusation or at least as evidence in its papers. I was interrogated for a full nine hours

Moreover, some would ask about the role of law in all of this, however, they forgot that some of these people mentioned in the recordings resorted to the judiciary, but the great judicial system of Egypt acquitted us three times.

And when some resorted to the administrative judiciary to stop the program, the administrative judiciary ruled to reject the case after a wonderful report from the commission of commissioners, which approved the continuation of the program.

Also, some fellow media professionals who screamed day and night against broadcasting these recordings in public, and shook our hands secretly when they meet us or talk to us on the phone, and others who did not delay one second when they received similar recordings, whether of former president Mubarak or Morsi, they rushed to broadcast them without questioning the legitimacy of those recordings or treating them as press material.

I would also like to affirm that I did not get these calls from the state or one of its agencies, or they come to me individually according to the situation, as some say, but it is one package that I got by chance through some honest men who only do this for the sake of their beloved country.

Finally, after broadcasting these recordings in the first season, many tried to stop us through presidential memoranda, signed by hundreds of public figures calling for the program to be stopped.

They further slandered me personally, to the point that the prime minister himself, Hazem Beblawi, dispatched a report to the general prosecutor demanding him to order the cancelation of the show.

Finally, they decided to threaten us directly, either by assassination or defamation.

It seems that some did not despair and began practicing the same objections, starting with square one, as if they had not read or knew anything before.

We need to say to these people that neither their words nor their report would intimidate us as we will continue pursuing our path for the sake of our great people.