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New showdown between Ali and al-Banna..Publishing houses open fire on Muslim Brotherhood

Abdelrehim Aly

At the times of danger, people always search for defense tools, and unconsciously load their weapons, looking for bullets to stop this danger.

This is how one can describe the situation with the books penned down by Abdel Rahim Ali, a renowned expert in Islamist movements, spreading everywhere, including in other countries, on social media sites and electronic libraries.

This spread has become a remarkable phenomenon in the recent period. It encouraged me to ask him and the publishing houses that published these books several questions.

To my surprise, officials at these publishing houses said they did not sign contracts with anybody. They added that they would not prevent anybody from re-publishing the same books.

Nevertheless, this also raises questions about the reasons why publishing houses will pay for the publication of a book whose pages exceed 400.

Why do electronic libraries put these works at the forefront of their presentations, when we all suffer from what can be described as the 'Takeaway culture'?

How can young people who refuse to read a newspaper article read such a large book?

People can easily find answers to these questions by searching the following titles on Google: 'Osama bin Laden: A ghost of the Americans' own making', 'The Great Gamble: The Initiative to Stop Violence between the Government's Bet and Islamic Groups', 'The Muslim Brotherhood: Fatwas on Copts, Democracy, Women and Art', 'Bitter Harvest…The State and Religious Violence Groups in Egypt', 'Muslim Brotherhood from Hassan al-Banna to Mahdi Akef', or 'Muslim Brotherhood… Reading in Secret Files', along with many other books to Abdel Rahim Ali's name.

Search engines have memorized the titles of all of Ali's books, episodes and debates. They can take searchers immediately to these titles.

A huge number of titles are printed every year at the ongoing Cairo International Book Fair. However, only a few remain, especially when the talk about people like Ali continues and continues.

Years pass and titles get forgotten, but some titles linger in the memory, thanks to their uniqueness.

Copies of Ali's books are running out in the booths of major publishing houses, especially al-Mahrousa and Merit. This is especially true for the book 'Muslim Brotherhood ... A Reading of the Secret Files'.

A large number of internet sites feature Ali's work. The same work is published in several countries and translated into different languages. However, publishing houses are demonstrating strong interest in acquiring his work, especially al-Mahrousa Publishing House.

Copies of Ali's books at the pavilion of the publishing house at the ongoing Cairo International Book Fair were all sold on the first two days of the fair.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the house, Farid Zahran, said he would reprint some of Ali's books, especially 'Pre-Fall Scenarios' and 'The Great Gambling … The Initiative to Stop Violence between the Government's Bet and the Islamic Group'.

Zaharan said he would also reprint 'Encyclopedia of Islamic Movements' which is made up of eight parts.

The same thing happened at the pavilion of Merit Publishing House. Most of the pavilion's visitors asked about Ali's book 'Risks of Government-Violent Groups Deal', and 'Osama bin Laden, the Ghost of America's Own Making'.

Publishing house officials told Ali that copies of the two books also ran out in the first two days of the fair.

Ali seems to have entered a way. He is also aware of the terms regulating this war.

The Muslim Brotherhood produced a large number of books about itself. In these books, this organization tried to draw an ideal picture about itself, portraying its members and leaders as angels that were oppressed by successive governments.

Those reading the Brotherhood's books can easily be deceived by its false rhetoric. Dangers always start with sympathy.

Violence is mainly about ideas. These ideas precede gunshots. This makes it necessary for people who are ready to sacrifice themselves to uncover the facility of the rhetoric of this group to be present.

These people's pens have to be filled with the ink of patriotism. They must have studied, followed up, and examined the tools that can be used in confronting this group and its lies. Unfortunately, these people are making themselves scarce these days.

Nevertheless, these people face the prospect of assassination at any moment. The Brotherhood has a bloody record with all those who opposed it and tried to expose its goals and ambitions.

Every page in the Brotherhood's book of history drips the blood they shed on the pretext of defending religion. The same pages contain justifications to only aim to deflect attention from realities.

Brotherhood leaders believe they are the successors of God on Earth. They try to propagate the concept that they are people of faith who are confronting infidels everywhere.

Ali was one of few people who dared to step into the Brotherhood's forbidden realms, namely by exposing their lies.

He climbed the mountains of the southern Egyptian province of Minya to conduct a newspaper investigation into the activities Jamaa Islamiya.

He then raised his shield high to protect himself against the arrows darted by the Islamists against him. In doing this, he was also defending his own country against the same arrows.

Ali did not hesitate for a moment to confront these groups, having taken the courageous move of publishing his book which proved a resounding success.

The strange thing is that no one has ever come out to deny what Ali wrote in his books and studies. Nobody dared to challenge what he said in his television programs either.

This raises questions readers need to find answers to. With all that it has done, the Brotherhood is unable to debate a single man. Instead, it works tooth and nail to distort him. However, all its attempts in this regard fail one after another.

Part of the answer is that Ali did not claim to possess the whole truth. He was aware that there was no point in claiming heroism and losing the war. So, he mobilized with him on the front of the homeland everything that was written and said about the Brotherhood, even from their leaders and their men. Every word he wrote or presented became a document that goes beyond any reasonable doubt.

The most important part of the answer is that Ali was frank in declaring the enmity. He did not control even a moment of truce, even when his opponent was on horseback.

Young people's message to Ali

Perhaps the invocation of the titles of Ali's books and studies this year with such intensity at the Cairo International Book Fair is the most telling evidence that there are those who realized that the battle now with the Brotherhood requires an intellectual confrontation to uproot their roots. The same people have also realized that youths wanted to send Ali a message that there are those who care and read, those who are ready to maintain this war of awareness.

The battle between Ali and al-Banna and his followers everywhere in the world takes many directions, from Cairo to Paris, London and Washington. It is about fierce confrontations.

The war is now being waged in the corridors of Cairo International Book Fair.

In this space, al-Bawaba News reviews parts of Ali's books what were translated into many different language.

Brotherhood … Fatwas on Copts, democracy, women and art

This book uncovers the positions of the Muslim Brotherhood on important issues, such as Copts, democracy, women and art, based on official fatwas by the group and its leaders.

The book reveals a set of important facts about the positions of the Brotherhood on these issues, among which is the Brotherhood's frank and clear hostility to freedom of worship and their denial of the right to worship.

The Brotherhood refused to apologize for all its negative practices and the terrorist attacks it committed. It bans the work of women and has complete disregard for women's health, physical and psychological rights.

Finally, the group views art as a commodity 'imported' from the West. It views art as a type of amusement that leads to corruption.

'Osama bin Laden ... The Ghost of America's Own Making'

After the attacks of 9/11 attacks in 2001, which constituted a severe blow to the pride and security of the largest country in the world, namely the United States, Osama bin Laden became the most famous man in the whole world.

The world was asking about bin Laden and the justifications for this unprecedented terrorist operation.

It was also asking about how he and his organization turn from an ally to the US in the early 1980s to the enemy No. 1 after only ten years.

The book attempts to answer these questions. It seeks to review the backgrounds of events and people. It begins by narrating the biography of the man.

'The Alliance of Terrorism ... Al-Qaeda from Abdullah Azzam to Ayman Al-Zawahiri'

This book is one of four parts that monitor and analyze the march of al-Qaeda since the precursors of its founding by Abdullah Azzam as an organization that appeared to help persecuted Muslims around the world.

It then talks about al-Qaeda during the second Gulf War and the support Gulf states extended the organization.

It also deals with the action the Americans took to end Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. This was when bin Laden emerged by establishing al-Qaeda camps in 1998. During the fourth phase of al-Qaeda, the organization moved into the global sphere through Ayman al-Zawahiri's visions by dividing the world into two unparalleled allies. The first is the terrorist alliance led by al-Qaeda and the membership of all jihadist movements and Muslim citizens who agree to this vision. The second is the alliance of enemies led by America and with it all the forces of infidelity from Jews, Christians, Russians and tyrant rulers.