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Nasr El-Qaffas defends Abdelrehim Aly against al-Qaeda threats in 2007 Al-Ahram article

Abdelrehim Aly

In his regular column in Al-Ahram newspaper, journalist Nasr El-Qaffas announced in 2007 his solidarity with Abdelrehim Aly against al-Qaeda's threats against the latter and wrote the following:

The Peace Party left unregretful about its members and its leader, all of whom are busy searching for the voices of journalists to return to the Syndicate Council to announce a roundabout struggle, a struggle against a police officer who made a mistake and a struggle against a minister who expressed his opinion in what they did not like, and they have another model struggle in defense of human rights. After their success, a deal of many struggles against understanding and intelligence will be announced!

Did the Peace Party come together to support the journalist and writer Abdelrehim Aly, whose blood was shed by al-Qaeda since he is neither a communist nor a Nasserist and certainly not Brotherhood and not one of those committed to reconciling the heads of the Nasserites with the Brotherhood in the elections?

Abdelrehim Aly is a talented journalist who specializes in reading and understanding. He believes in what he writes and talks about ideas. I believe he has the right to say them. He specializes in exposing the lies and tricks of those cloaked in the mantle of political Islam, and because he succeeded to the extent that worried them, al-Qaeda declared war on him.

The Freedoms Committee of the Journalists Syndicate fell into a state of temporary silence, so it did not hold a meeting to denounce a death threat received by one of us and did not organize a protest stop on the Syndicate steps, because of their confidence that he does not have a voting bloc to help them in the battle to return to the Journalists Syndicate. Because if he had it, he would have the Peace Party resurrected, and they took advantage of the situation, in addition to him being one of the experts who exposed the poisonous ideas of the outlawed Brotherhood.

Abdelrehim Aly should be a title on the truth of the candidates for the Journalists Syndicate council. We must demand that they declare their position towards the death threat of a journalist just because he says and writes ideas. We must force them to stand clearly against terrorism, whether it is the terrorism of Osama bin Laden's armed organization or the terrorism of the banned group that implements the scheme to close the Journalists Syndicate, as it did with other unions.

Setting fires and burning civil society institutions that lead us towards democracy is one of their goals, as well as threatening the security of Abdelrehim Aly, because they sow terror to reap backwardness and destroy society to build ruin!

They reached a boldness that reminds me of a mouse that attacked a cat that was terrified of it, a sight I will never forget!