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Abdel-Rehim Ali exposes MB plan to smuggle leaders to Gaza

Abdelrehim Aly

Abdel-Rehim Ali, Egyptian thinker, CEO of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies in Paris, and Editor-in-Chief for Al-Bawaba Newspaper, has exposed schemes to smuggle wanted leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization to Gaza.

Ali wondered in a televised interview with journalist Rola Kharsa about who should be held accountable in case they managed to escape the country to Gaza.

Journalist and author Kharsa was shocked when she found out that neither Mohammed Badie, the supreme guide of the Brotherhood at the time, nor senior leader Essam El-Erian, were in prison.

Ali added, during the interview, that there are clear signs of a conspiracy to smuggle the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, stressing questions about why the Interior Ministry would not arrest them, especially after the arrest warrants issued against them.

However, despite presenter Kharsa said it might be because they are hiding among demonstrators, Ali immediately replied asking about those who are not hiding and are shooting bullets at people in Al-Tahrir square, why the authorities are not arresting them.

Ali also wondered about all those who were recorded threatening of committing terrorist acts, crimes and acts of arson following the ouster of Morsi.

He further stressed that many officials, including the Minister of Interior, should be held accountable and punished in case Muslim Brotherhood leaders really managed to escape to Gaza.

The 30 June protests occurred in Egypt on 30 June 2013, ending with the ouster of former president and member of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsi after mass protests across Egypt demanding his immediate resignation.

Egypt had long showed discontent at Morsi's policies and viewed the political tensions between the government and its opponents as a threat to the nation's stability.

It is also pertinent to mention that weeks prior to the protests, Coptic Christians, particularly in Upper Egypt, received threats from Morsi's Islamist supporters, pressuring them not to take part in the protests.